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To be successful in wildfire aviation, operators must be capable of responding to rapidly-changing circumstances and environmental conditions. Aero-Flite safely and quickly adapts our aviation and ground operations to meet ever changing demands with safety, precision, speed and efficiency.

  • Aero-Flite operations for state and federal agencies occur under a variety of demands.  Aero-Flite is authorized to perform initial attack and suppression missions on fires supporting almost any fire agencies jurisdiction.
  • Aero-Flite’s CL-415 “Next Generation” state of the art amphibious scooper aircraft require very little fixed infrastructure or support to conduct its very challenging and important mission.  In addition Aero-Flite’s Dash 8-400AT and RJ85 fleet also requires a very small supportive footprint to conduct its fire retardant wildland fire mission.
  • Aero-Flite populates each mission safely with highly trained professionals for both air and ground aerial firefighting operations.  Aero-Flite consistently monitors crew rest and crew resource management to ensure that any and all readiness levels can be maintained.
  • Aero-Flite’s rich history in team work and collaboration allows the USFS to integrate Aero-Flite’s fleet of personnel and aircraft into any and all designated missions.

Aero-Flite is the largest private operator in the world of the CL-415.  That combined with Aero-Flite’s fleet of “Next Generation” Dash 8-400AT and Avro RJ85 Airtankers allows the USFS to provide maximum efforts safely and efficiently at all times.

An industry leader since 1963, Aero-Flite specializes in providing safe, rapid, and reliable aerial fire suppression services to our customers in the United States and Canada.

We provide the aircraft and operational support for Exclusive-Use and Call When Needed (CWN) contracted services for both the CL-415 Scooper and Avro RJ85 Airtanker aircraft.