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Aero-Flite: Next Generation Aircraft – Next Level Training

Aero-Flite is committed to a culture of safety, where our expert pilots go beyond the minimum requirements, participating in extensive training under the supervision of Captain Andy Troia, who serves as a judicious aircraft and mission training captain in addition to CL-415 Scooper pilot.

At Aero-Flite we believe the term ‘Next Generation’ (Next Gen) doesn’t just mean making aircraft safer in terms of structure and technology, it also means ensuring our flight operations – including our training measures – are ‘Next Level’.

“Next Gen doesn’t just stop at the tankers, it is a new overall approach to aerial firefighting, including tactics, management, SMS, safety and maintenance.” Mike Lynn, Director of Flight Operations. Our training programs have been created by experts with decades of experience in aerial firefighting and seaplane operations, incorporating simulator sessions, CPR and First Aid classes, guest speakers, and lessons-learned presentations, along with briefings from maintenance, IT, and HR. But where we go above and beyond is offering our pilots a specialty course called the National Aerial Firefighting Academy (NAFA), where they learn specifics on fire tactics, weather and fire behavior.

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